AF 9929 (Sports Series) Four Station Multi Gym

Dimensions : 182”(L) x 129”(W) x 91”(H)
Frame : High tensile strength steel, continuous welded, factory assembled weight frame.
Name Of Tube : Oval tubing.
Tube Size : 100 mm x 55 mm diameter.
Tube Gauge : 3.5 mm.
Weight Stack : 200 lbs / 90.7 Kgs x 4 Sides.
Weight Plate : Cast iron, machine drilled to exact spec and employ oversized nylon bushings for super-smooth operations.
Weight Stack Guard : Four sides metal shields .
Weight Guide Rods : 25 mm chrome plated solid steel, highly policed for smooth movements.
Weight Selector Pin : 10 mm steel pin.
Cable : 4.5 mm dia., 2500 lbs rated, commercial grade, nylon coated steel cables.
Pulley : Maintenance free, fiber glass reinforced nylon pulleys fitted with premium grade -A quality roller bearings with V grooved channel.
Pulley Sizes : 93 mm dia.
Finishing : Proprietary two coat powder process.
Rust Proof : All frame structures electro statically powder coated to ensure maximum corrosion and chip resistance.

1. Seated Row.
2. Leg Press
3. Calf Raise
4. Lat Pull Down
5. Biceps
6. Triceps
7. Overhead Triceps Extension
8. Low Row
9. Upright Row
10. Leg kick back
11. Leg side kick
12. Ab Crunches



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