AF 678 SKI Trainer

Helps you build ski-relevant muscles in the upper body, abdomen, back and leg muscles. Enormous joint-gentle training with high calorie consumption. Whether you are a cross-country professional, hobby cross-country skier or just looking for effective endurance and strength endurance training, the Aerofit Ski Trainer will help you achieve your goals.
• Dimensions:  135cm (L)  x  61cm (W)  x  217cm (H)
• Free standing design
• High-strength, extremely lightweight cords on drive system for smooth feel.
• Ergonomic, strapless handles provide for a comfortable, secure grip.
• Suitable for all hand sizes as they require no adjustment.
• 9 Levels of air resistance
• Backlit screen which displays Stroke/RATE, Time, Distance/Cycle, Pulse, Calories, Watts; Paddle Width, Buzzer;Interval Program Profile
• Wheels for easy transport


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