AF 2208 Multi Functional Smith

The Multi-Functional Smith AF 2208 is the best latest upgraded version of our “all in one” combination with the following features:
• Multi-Functional Smith (60 kg x 2 weight stack & pulleys)
• Smith machine with linear bearing.
• Adjustable safety hooks for smith machine.
• Twin pulleys with 20 adjustments for high/ medium/ low settings.
• Power rack.
• 5 way grips chin Up Bar.
• 2 x Adjustable spotter arms.
• 2 x Adjustable ‘’J’’ Hooks.
• Triceps / Biceps bar.
• 2 stirrups handle.
• 8 x Olympic weight plate storage rods.
• Improved rust prevention power coat procedure with a superior visional appearance.
• Upgrades cables and pulleys.
• Inbuilt smith machine safeties.
• Attachment storage holders.
• FID Bench, flat/ incline/ decline and straight up (Bench is Optional)
• Fixing point for TRX



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