AF 1451 Home Gym

• Dimension: 65” (L) x 44” (W) x 80” (H)
• Frame: High tensile strength steel, continuous welded, factory assembled weight frame.
• Weight Guide Rods: 25 mm, Chrome plated steel, highly polished for smooth movements.
• Pulley: Fiber glass reinforced nylon pulleys with high quality bearing.
• Seat adjustment: Vertical 4 levels seat to easily place each user in the optimum position.
• Cable: 05mm dia, 250 lbs rated steel cable as transmitting wire nylon coated.
• Cushioning: Top grade 2” foam high density cushioning. Individual pad gives a smooth support.
• Finishing: Proprietary two coat powder process.
• Rust proof: Electro statically applied powder coated.
• Weight plate: Rubberized weight plate make noiseless work out.
• Weight selector pin: 10 mm gauge steel pin.
• Weight Stack: 150 LBS, with cover.
• User Weight: 120 Kgs.

* Seated chest press.    * Ab Crunch.
* Pectoral fly. * Leg extension.
* Lat pull down. * Leg curl.
* Triceps pull down. * Shoulder Shrugs.
* Biceps. * Side Kick.
* Triceps. * Back Kick.
* Preacher curl. * Rowing.
* Shoulder Shrugs.



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