Is the SEAT adjusted to fit your height, tilted parallel to the ground, on tight?

Are the HANDLE GRIPS at right angles to the handle bar stem, worn or loose?

Are FORK BEARINGS lubricated and properly adjusted-not too tight nor too loose?

Are the MUDGUARDS tight and in good condition?

Are TIRE VALVES capped and free from leak?

Are front and rear WHEELS in alignment, free from wobbles, and hub nuts tight?

Are PEDALS worn, loose, need lubrication, and reflectorized?

Is the CHAIN clean, lubricated, not missing links, and properly adjusted for slack?

Are all REFLECTORS properly mounted, securely fastened, not broken or missing, of the wide angle variety, and visible from 300 ft.

Are the HANDLE BARS parallel to your arms, tightly fastened, and approximately the same height as the seat?

Does the WARNING DEVICE work properly. can it be heard up to 100 ft. away?

Does the HEAD LAMP have fresh batteries and a white light visible for 500 ft.?

Are TIRES inflated to the recommended pres. sure, tight on rim, and free from glass, metal, nails, etc.?

Are WHEEL BEARINGS worn or need lubrication?

Are SPOKES loose, bent, broken, or missing and need replacement ?

Is the SPROCKET BEARING clean and lubricated?

Are the BRAKES in A-1 condition to insure smooth and even braking?

Is the REAR LIGHT red in color and visible for 500 ft.?